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If you are looking for a photographer for Brno, other part of the Czech republic or anywhere else in the world, this is the right place! We will be glad to record your great day.
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I enjoy photoshooting the weddings, because of the atmosphere and unique situations, which I am trying to capture. Responsible approach is implied, therefore for example I am always carrying two professional cameras with me and a set of lenses, so I am able to continue without problems even in a case of a malfunction.

Weddings in English are also fun for me as I am fluent in this language.

I live in Brno, so I am often photographying in various cities across the Moravian region, but further locations are not a problem too.

The time of processing the photos depends on the number of other tasks, usually it will be ready in one week.

Your photographs will undergo light and color corrections and then you will receive them over the internet and by post on a USB flash disk in an elegant box (for year 2018 there might be another type of disk and box). You will also receive your private on-line gallery of the best photographs – visible only by people to whom you will share the link.

Prices for 2019:

I have decided to simplify the price system, which is now dependent solely on the number of hours of shooting. It is sufficient to estimate the time in advance and I will follow the real schedule on the spot. So it is possible to make the shooting longer or shorter according to the situation. The final price will be based on the actual time spent on the wedding.

Following are several usual example with prices. If you are thinking about a longer photoshoot, simply taky any example and add 900 CZK for every additional hour. In case of a shorter photoshooting, you can subrtract 900 CZK/hour (up to two hour of photoshooting, which is the minimum).

2 hours (minimum)

7 500 CZK + transport

(případně +900 Kč za každou další hodinu)

Usually: Ceremony, group photos and photoshoot with newlyweds

around 130 final photos

5 hours

10 000 CZK + transport

(případně +900 Kč za každou další hodinu)

Usually: Ceremony, group photos, customs before the reception and speeches, photoshoot with newlyweds

around 200 final photos

10 hours

14 500 CZK + transport

(případně +900 Kč za každou další hodinu)

Includes: Preparations, ceremony, group photos, beginning of the dinner with customs and speeches, photoshoot with newlyweds, snaps from the party later

around 350 final photos

The transport within Brno is free, for weddings outside Brno it is 8 Kč/km.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the price of the shortest shooting so high?

Unfortunately, it is only possible to shoot one wedding during a certain day, so even a short wedding will “eliminate” that day from my calendar. Furthermore, photoshooting in those two hours is most intense (the cermony and the arranged photoshooting), which results in the highest number of photos per hour. These images will take longer time on the PC to sort out and process.

There is also a lot of factors which are similar, whether the shooting is short or long. E.g. the travel, time reserve, but also the very expensve photographic equipment, which has to be ready on your day.

How long does it take till we receive the photos?

The time of processing the photos depends on the number of other tasks, usually it will be ready in one week.

Is it possible to arrange a meeting before the wedding?

Definitely. We can get to know each other during the meeting and clear up any possible questions you might have. But I won’t press you. If you live too far or there is no time for a meeting, we can work easily without it. Everything can be discussed over the e-mail.

What if I, for example, get injured and cannot shoot the wedding?

Noone wants it, but bad things sometimes happen. In that case I will do my best to find an adequate replacement for me. I can contact a lot of photographers, so you would get a list of those available on the given date and you could choose one of them.

About an assistant…

I am doing the work all by myself, but for the arranged photoshoot with the newlywed couple (i.e. for about an hour) it is a good idea to take one helper from the wedding guests. A helping hand might be useful for holding the photographic light, bride’s coat or bouquet or for another smaller task according to the situation. (Better assistants are men, because they are taller and have more practical shoes.)

What time is the best to start shooting?

It depends on the particular schedule, but it isn’t neccessary to shoot the early start of the day and not even the whole progress of the make-up. The finishing of the make-up is enough, usually followed by doing the hair. The dressing up happens after or during these events and is also great to capture.

What time is the best to end shooting?

Again, it depends on the particular wedding. After the first dance the unorganized fun begins to take place, where I can take some candid photographs. If there are no games planned, the course of events start to repeat after a while and it is difficult to shoot something new. At this point we can take a while to consider and maybe decide that we already have everything important captured.

How much time it is appropriate to reserve for the arranged photoshooting?

About an hour is the ideal scenario plus a time for travel, if we would go somewhere else. But if the schedule does not allow that, I will adapt to the situation.

Do you do black&white photographs too?

If you were surprised by the black&white and color variants in the gallery, then to explain, here is the system I use: All photos I hand over are colored, but from the best ones (circa 15) I also create a B&W version, so you will receive both variants of these shots. (If you would like have all the photos JUST in B&W, then I am interested and will give you a discount.)