Wedding photographer, Brno

My name is Vít Kovalčík and I am a wedding photographer from Brno. I do my best in any part of the Czech republic and I would be glad to record your great day to make great memories for you. Aside from beautiful photographs you can also be sure of my reliability and swift communication. Both Czech and English languages are welcomed!

Why choose me to photograph your wedding

I enjoy photographing weddings and I have gathered a lot of experience in the last eight years. Even though each wedding is different the lessons learned on the previous ones help, so I can react quickly in variety of situations. I try not to interfere with the course of events, but I am communicative if appropriate and smiling behind the camera. And I like reliability that is why I have a backup equipment and both of my professional cameras saves photographs onto two cards at the same time.

What is included in the packages

The main part is of course the photo shooting itself and photo selection and correction later. The time of the processing may vary, but in 90 % cases I deliver the photos in a week after the wedding.

You will receive a link to download the photos, so you can have them as fast as possible, and I will also send them on a USB drive in an elegant box. You will also get a private online gallery with the selection of the best photos, which you can share.

Wedding photography prices

The prices of wedding photo shooting are based on the time taken and possibly also on the distance, if the event is not taking part in Brno. General estimate of the duration is nice, but we can make adjustments even during the wedding day according to the situation. The price will be then based on the actual shooting time.

Below there are three sample packages and their prices. If you would like to take pictures for a longer time, simply add 1000 CZK for each additional hour. For shorter duration, just subtract 1000 CZK/hour (except for the 2-hour package, which is the minimum).

The transport is free if the wedding happens to be in Brno, in other cases please add 10 CZK for each kilometer travelled. (Only travelling from home to the spot and back is taken into account. Travelling is free during the time that is included in the photo price.)

2 hours

Around 150 photos

9 500 CZK

(+ transport)

Typically covers: The ceremony, group photos, portrait photos

5 hours

Around 300 photos

12 500 CZK

(+ transport)

Typically covers: The ceremony, group photos, banquet with local customs and speeches, cutting the cake, portrait photos

10 hours

Around 450 photos

17 500 CZK

(+ transport)

Typically covers: Preparations, the ceremony, group photos, banquet with local customs and speeches, cutting the cake, portrait photos, first dance, beginning of the late afternoon dancing/fun

Note that the number of photos is highly dependent on the order of the individual events and travel distances between them. The values are rough estimates for typical situations, but there are cases where from five hour arrangement, two of them are spent driving. Then the amount of photos is somewhat lower.

Am I available for your wedding day?

This date state: 

Please, choose a date to check availability.

Contact me!

How long after the wedding you will receive the photos

I myself am really curious and want to see the result, so I won’t postpone the processing. Usually I am done in about a week and then I would send the electronic version of the photos. The USB stick with the same photos is taken care of by the post office, so in most cases this is delivered in a few days later.

Meeting before the wedding

The purpose of the meeting is get to know each other and to fine-tune the schedule. I have attended a number of wedding, so I can give you feedback on your plans. We can also agree on places we would like to go to shoot portraits etc. On the other side, all of those technical details can be settled be e-mail, so if you do not live near, there is no need to panic – we don’t need to arrange a meeting at all. Although that way we first meet on the wedding day, this is not an issue and everything goes smoothly as well.

What if I got injured and couldn’t take pictures

Unfortunately, bad things might happen, so that is why I am ready to contact a large number of my colleague photographers. If there was such a critical situation, you would receive several options to choose from and great photos of your wedding would be assured anyway.

Portrait photo shoot and temporary assistant

Portrait/arranged photo shoot takes up around one hour (plus possible transport) and takes place aside of other guests, often kilometers away. I have found out that is is useful to “borrow” an assistant from the wedding guests, who can help with some small tasks – to hold an unused umbrella, a bouquet, my small flash and similarly. (It is more practical to take a man with us, as they are taller and have much more universal shoes.)

We can get along with no help at all as well, but an assistant can make the photo shooting simpler and faster. For example on several occasions we drove to spots with complicated parking. The assistant could drop us on the spot and then went to a distant parking place.

When to start taking pictures

Depends on your decision or vision. There are people who are decidedly against taking pictures of the preparations, while other cannot be without them. Nevertheless, usually is sensible to start around the middle of the make-up process. The make-up and hair styling take a long time and there is often not many things to photograph. Sure, we can take pictures of the wedding dress, details of the preparations and capture the overall atmosphere, but this can be done even with the later start. However, it depends heavily on the actual organization of your wedding.

When to finish taking pictures

Each wedding is a bit different, but in my opinion the ideal time is a bit later after the first dance. The first dance and the dances with parents and relatives can last about 20 minutes. Then there is an overall dancing/drinking party. I can take pictures of people cheering, but after maybe half an hour or a whole hour, the action is very similar and not many new photos can be created.

Black and white photographs

From the selection of the most representative photos I would choose the best ones (around 15 photos) and make them black&white. You don’t need to worry about the original colorful version – for these photographs you would get both versions.

What kinds of other photographic services I offer

I have experience from various photographic tasks, including corporate events, portrait photography or even product photo. Here is an overview of services that I offer as a photographer from Brno.