Vít Kovalčík
Spáčilova 40
Brno 618 00

Phone+420 736 674 957
(we do speak English)

IČ: 75545659

When going by car, you can park anywhere in the street, except for reserved parking spots (there is eleven of them from the street corner up to studio, but then it is ok). The parking is free. The most parking spots are available in the middle of the day.

If you prefer public transport it is straightforward: Just use the (trolley)bus number 31 or 33 from Main train station (which is the terminal station, so there is only one possible direction) and get off on fourth station called “Spáčilova”. Then go right on the Spáčilova street and after about 300 meters you will be in the studio.

If you have any enquiry or request please contact us!