Business portrait

Business photo or a manager/company photographs can be used for your presentation whether it will be on sites like LinkedIn, on your own web or in your CV. Professionally created photographs will captivate the viewer and bring trust and confidence.

Business photos can be taken in the studio, on your premises or outside.

Portraits in the studio

During the portrait session we can control the light perfectly and have several basic or advanced options.

The most requested, by far, are photographs on white or on dark gray background. Both choices look great and can be used almost universally, on wide range on places.

If you seek for something less common, there is an option, for example, to make the light more dramatic, possibly while changing the position as well.

Background replacement

The advanced option is to take a picture of yourself on a green screen and replace the background on a computer. The processing is more complicated and we need to know the background in advance, to correctly set the lights and the perspective in the studio.

Pricing of the business portraits in the studio

2 final photos

800 CZK

We will take around 20 different shots of various poses and expressions. You will choose the best ones and those will be post-processed.

Additional photos

300 CZK/photo

If you would like to have more photos, we can try different poses or backgrounds.

Background replacement

+300 CZK/photo

For standard case: The background is ready (it is not created specifically for this photo), the legs are not included in the frame, you are not touching anything around.

We will discuss the background in advance.

Portraits on your premises

With the help of white or gray portable background we can achieve similar results to those in the studio. Because of the background and photographic lights, the required space is a bit larger than it might be expected, but a meeting room or a storage room have been always usable. Photoshooting in your company spaces is useful if there are multiple people to be photographed and it would be cumbersome to transport to the studio. If there are women to be portrayed, it is possible to arrange the help of a make-up artist. We have the experience of taking pictures of tens and even hundreds of employees (though in the latter case the operation might take multiple days).

Alternatively, we can use the offices themselves as a background – of course, this depends on the look of your place. However, the light can be changed by the usage of the photographic flashes.

Portraits outside

The deciding factor here is only our imagination and places we can legally take photographs on. We will agree on a location according to your preferences.

How it works

We will take pictures of you with a different expression or gestures. You will receive previews, so can choose the best photos at home. Those will be then post-processed and you will be able to download the final result in maximum resolution. This is typically 30 – 40 megapixel for common portraits and less for photos with the background replaced, where the limitation is the background photo used. However, for web use the size around 1 – 2 megapixels is usually more than enough, so there is a room to spare.

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