Family and pregnancy photo shooting

Family photographs are a great way to remind you of the happy moments and close people. There are two main ways to proceed with the photo shoot:

1. Studio photo shoot

This variant is very suitable if you intend to do photography with a small child – toddler. We can also get nice pictures during pregnancy or couple photo shoot, both shooting can be performed outside as well (see the next section). But if you like mysterious silhouettes with pregnancy belly, the studio is the ideal choice.

The studio is less suitable option for family photo shoot with a small child already able to walk. In the studio it is desirable to keep models on a spot where the lights are aiming, which means a space around 1.5 x 1.5 meters. This could be difficult with quickly moving children. The photo shoot in a studio is still possible – for example, we can keep your kids busy with their favorite toys and you can play with them as well. However, I would recommend thinking about the outside photo shoot as a first choice.

If you are not sure, you can take a look into the family and pregnancy photo gallery. There is a switch, so you can see just the studio pictures.

2. Outside photo shoot

Not a very suitable option for taking pictures with a toddler, but otherwise a universal variant.

The outside family photo shoots bring certain differences compared to the studio photo shoot:

We have to watch the weather. We will determine suitable date and time, but on the day before the event or even on the day of the shooting itself, we need to decide whether the weather is good for us. In case of a bad forecast it is better to reschedule the photo shoot.

The final pictures will be selected by the photographer. The pictures are captured with the later processing steps in mind, so they are often intentionally very dark or very bright. This makes selection process difficult, so I would choose the best ones, as I am able to estimate what adjustments can be performed on each photo. You will get the resulting 20 pictures for an hour of photo shooting.

Light and color corrections without retouching. We can certainly decide the best approach, but typically there is no need for “ironed out” faces. Therefore these photograph undergo only a lighter corrections (light, colors, contrast, cropping etc.). You can take a look into my gallery for the idea of the result.

Family photo shoot outside – typical option

1 hour

20 final photos

2 200 CZK

(transport in Brno is free)

We can decide on different scenario, but this is a very common option. In one hour we will be able to take plenty of different pictures in various settings. Furthermore small children are able to keep up without being tired or bored. I will then go through all the photos, choose the best ones and perform light and color corrections on them (without retouching). You will receive 20 final pictures. The processing will usually take a day or a few days at most – I am eager to see how the shooting went.

For photo shoots outside the Brno, please contact me with your idea.

Booking a family/pregnancy photo shoot outside

We will decide on a place and according to that also the time.

You can use the form below or any other contact here.