Wedding – Reisten winemaking – Andrea and Petr

The Reisten winemakeing doesn’t normally organize wedding ceremonies, but Andrea and Peter liked the terrace so much that they arranged everything. The venue is very spectacular: Flat structure extends over the falling terrain and you are now next to a green hill with a view of a winery. On the other side, the ruins of Děvička Castle, which is less than a kilometre away and very visible, completes the atmosphere.

The place is so great that we returned here after the feast and again took advantage of the castle and the vineyards around.

The whole wedding was just eight people, so there was no need to deal with large entertainment spaces and everything fit into the premises of Pohárek Pavlov.

Ceremony: Terrace of the Reisten winemaking, Pavlov
Banquet, the rest of the day: Pohárek Pavlov