Wedding – Church of the Resurrection of the Lord, Slavkov – Petra and Jindřich

A beautiful day with Petra and Jindřich, who had their wedding in the beautiful and huge Church of the Resurrection of the Lord in Slavkov, in front of the famous Slavkov chateau. Weddings are much more common at the chateau, especially in its chapel, but this was my first time in the church and it blew me away. In the afternoon, at the Allvet Hotel and its large grounds, the action was a little wilder, especially as it was alternately raining, so we had to improvise with the outdoor photo shoot and head out when the weather calmed down for a while. Fortunately, there are nice places to take photos all around, so the walks were short and we could quickly take cover if necessary. The weather was nice enough for evening sparklers again, so everything worked out!

Ceremony: Church of the Resurrection of the Lord, Slavkov
Banquet etc.: Hotel Allvet, Vyškov