Wedding – Anna and Filip

Unusual wedding with a trip to the top of the Radhošť peak

Discover new ways to shoot in foggy weather

[CZ ONLY] Don’t fear the fog, embrace it!

How to clean lenses and sensors? 10 tips that will help you

[CZ ONLY] Gear maintenance in detail

Wedding – Zuzana and Marek

Ceremony: Hradištěk, Velké Bílovice Banquet and the rest of the day: Skoupil winemaking Arranged photoshoot: Hradištěk and the vineyards around Velké Bílovice

Don’t fear shooting against the sun

[CZ ONLY] Tips for landscape shooters with a lot of examples.

Shooting landscapes with a telephoto lens

[CZ ONLY] There is not just a wide-angle lens for the landscapes.

Smartphones with multiple lenses: What to expect and when it fails

[CZ ONLY] Understand the technology and recognize its potential for the future

Introduction to Optics: How to compare different lenses and sensor sizes

[CZ ONLY] “How it really works” for both beginners and advanced photographers.

3 tips for shooting portraits against the sun

[CZ ONLY] Why is the contra-light technique so useful and how to do it properly.

Correct angle, lens and aperture. See how to shoot portraits

[CZ ONLY] Portrait tips with a lots of examples.

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