Smartphones with multiple lenses: What to expect and when it fails

[CZ ONLY] Understand the technology and recognize its potential for the future

Introduction to Optics: How to compare different lenses and sensor sizes

[CZ ONLY] “How it really works” for both beginners and advanced photographers.

3 tips for shooting portraits against the sun

[CZ ONLY] Why is the contra-light technique so useful and how to do it properly.

Correct angle, lens and aperture. See how to shoot portraits

[CZ ONLY] Portrait tips with a lots of examples.

Experiments with sparklers (NSFW)

Nudes in a studio with a dexterous model:

MIŠEL products

The product photography is requested more and more often, smaller and larger series. I chose to publish one of them, which was done in the studio, but is more diverse then a lone items on a white background. The photographs were made for the MIŠEL brand and the target was american Amazon .

How to get perfect shots of the seashore

[CZ ONLY] Lots of tips and inspirational photos for your next journey near the sea.

10 reasons why your photograph are not sharp enough

[CZ ONLY] Typical mistakes (not only) of the beginners

The Amazing World of the Frost

[CZ ONLY] Tips for a winter photoshoot

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30 – problems – review after 8 months of use

Review of a photographic bag

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