Photography in studio, Brno

Photoshooting for non-commercial use

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Your photographs are of course NOT public by default. All photos presented on this website are published only with prior consent of the models.

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Usual packages of services considering the photoshoots in the studio:

Without MUA With MUA Shooting time Final photos
Mini 1 900 CZK 2 900 CZK 1 hour 4
Standard 2 900 CZK 3 900 CZK 1.5 hours 7
Exclusive 3 900 CZK 4 900 CZK 2 hours 10

(MUA means a Make-Up Artist)

In all cases, after the shooting you will receive thumbnails of all the photos, which are smaller versions with a watermark, that you can review at your home to choose the final ones. I will retouch those and send them to you in the highest resolution/quality and of course without the watermark. (I don’t provide the unretouched photos.)

The retouching means the photos will be professionally corrected, including skin correction, background fixes, color adjustments etc. It doesn’t include background replacement and similar advanced modifications as you can find in the Photomanipulation gallery. If you wish to retouch more photos than specified in the respective package, it is possible to do so for 200 CZK/photo.

If is possible to arrange a make-up artist to create a photo make-up of your choice and do a basic hair styling.

There is a reservation deposit fee of 600 CZK (300 CZK if the make-up artist will not be present). If the photoshoot is cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance, the fee is returnable. In case the photoshoot is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance or in the case of no show, the fee will be forfeited.

Note: Bigger dogs and animals are forbidden in the studio – their claws are damaging the floor.

Rezervace focení v ateliéru (Spáčilova 40, Brno)
pro nekomerční použití fotek

(Most often about a week from now)

If you would like to take a look at the video from a photoshoot, here it is:

Frequently asked questions

I don’t have any modeling experience, does it matter?

Not at all, it is very common! The experience surely helps, but even on the first photoshoot there are virtually always good photos. I will be giving you tips on how to improve the current posture etc.

Do not be afraid of bad photos, unusable shots are common even for experienced models. But thanks to the digital technologies the failed takes are not a problem anymore – the result is immediately visible and can be easily improved in the next shot.

What will be happening?

Usually the whole photoshoot consists of the following steps:

  • Arrangement: Using the form above, by phone (+420 736 674 957, in English) or by e-mail ( We will discuss the time, place and your requirements. We can also define the style of the photoshoot and possible requisities. Don’t be afraid to send me your favourite photo(s) that you see on the web, be it mine or from some other photographer.
  • Meeting point: The studio is located on Spáčilova 40, Brno (map). If we are going to work outside, we will arrange it according to the given circumstances.
  • Style of the photos: Before the photoshoot we will try to define the intended style. Usually, there are new ideas coming as the shooting progresses, but it is good to have an initial idea.
  • Make-up: If the make-up artist is arranged, she will arrive and create the make-up. Be aware that we will need about 30 minutes more time and if the hair are going to be styled too, there will be another 30 minutes in addition to the shooting time. The make-up is persisent enough to last for the whole shoot, so the make-up artist is leaving.
  • Photographing itself: It is possible to create different scenes in the studio, either on the “infinite” background (white, black, grey – or colored by photographic lights) or on a couch/bed etc. The looks of anything can be also dramatically changed by changing the lighting and composition. Excellent photo is not usually taken on the first shutter press, therefore we will try a few poses, different expressions or maybe even different lighting. When there is enough photos, it is time to change the scene, lighting and/or clothing. Of course, everything is subjected to your taste – each person likes different settings. I will continuously show the photos and discuss new possibilities.
  • Handling over the photos: Usually I would send a link to your e-mail, so you can download the photos at your home. But you can also bring your flash disk or we can arrange it in a different fashion.
  • At home: you can review the photos and select those to be retouched. No need to hurry, it doesn’t need to be done by the next day. But after a month, I will send you a reminder :)
  • Selection: Send the numbers of the selected photos, usually via an e-mail. I have the photos too, so sending the images themselves is not necessary. It is possible to attach instructions for the retouching (some people are fans of black and white photos etc.)
  • Retouching: This part takes some time, let’s say a couple of days. Each photo is treated individually and the the goal is to improve them as much as possible.
  • Sending the final photos: Usually via the internet – you will receive a link through the e-mail to download the retouched photograhps. After the download you will check if everything is all right.
  • Finish: I hope everything went well and hope to see you again!

Which and how many outfits to take?

Usually it is feasible to use 2 to 4 sets of outfits per one hour.

It is a good idea to take shoes with higher heels for at least some of the photos. The heels make legs appear longer and force the model to stand with curved back, which looks elegant.

The next tips depend on the type of photos you want to do, for example:

  • Portrait is better with shirt/dress with shoulders covered, otherwise shoulders can look disturbing on a photo (because of a very large light area).
  • Fashion needs elegant outfits, a matched purse or other accessory might come handy.
  • Glamour is usually done in underwear, jewellery might be impressive too.
  • Fine art nudes could use jewellery too and also gloves, hat or some unusual accessories and requisites.

Anyway, use the lines above as an inspiration and not as an necessity, we can improvise with anything!

What about the make-up / hair styling?

The professional photomake-up is different from a daily one, mostly because it is more pronounced (the photographic lights will soften it). The make-up artist (MUA) is not necessary on all photoshoots, but her work can give take the photographs to another level. If the MUA will be present, please come without the make-up. In case the hair will be altered too, it is a good idea to not wash the hair in the day of shooting.

Creating the make-up takes about half an hour and the hair styling again about the same time. (This is an additional time to the times in the table above.) The MUA will take care of you before the photoshooting and then will leave, the make-up is durable enough to survive throughout the session.

How far in advance is it necessary to book a session?

Depends on the current number of projects. Arranging a session about a week in advance is possible in practically any time of year. Generally, it is better to arrange at least three days in advance, so there is a time to contact a make-up artist and prepare everything. (If you need it quicker, it might be possible too, but please use the phone instead of e-mail.)

What photo sizes will I get from the shoot?

I use professional DSLR Canon R5 and 5D Mark IV having 45 and 30 megapixels, and high-end lenses. The retouched photographs will be in the maximum size possible. There might be some cropping for better composition, so the final size is typically a bit smaller than the maximum gargantuan 8192 x 5464 pixels. But even with the crop it is suitable for printing in virtually any size, because for larger prints the viewer usually stands further from the image. For prints up to A2 size (about 60 x 40 cm) the individual pixels are indistinguishable even in closer look – the resulting quality is over 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch), while a common monitor has about 100 DPI.

How does the retouched photo looks like?

All of the photographs presented on this site had been retouched. These changes include correcting the skin problems, smoothing, reduction of unwanted shadows, eyes brightening, teeth whitening, local sharpening or blurring, cropping, background fixes, lighting changes etc.

This creates a basis for the next stage, which is color “styling” (e.g. conversion to black and white or dramatic or dreamy light photo, …). Different styles are suitable for different photographs. Because some of the adjustments can be dramatic and each person has different taste, I am always trying to create an alternatively styled version, so from one original photo, you will usually receive two versions.

There are two images below to show a difference between the original and the retouched version.



How does the advanced retouching/photomanipulation looks like?

Examples of photomanipulation are here: Gallery of photomanipulation and advanced retouching.

It is possible to arrange creation of such photos too, but the difficulty and the time requirements are higher and the price depends on the actual requirements, so please contact me with your idea for the calculation.

Is there any fee for changing the photographic background?

None at all. When we will have plenty of photos with the current background, we can change it to something else. There are several options available: Paper “infinite” background (black, white, grey), folding out couch/bed, japan-style screen or even a plain wall – with the lights it will look completely different.

Changing the background takes about 3 to 5 minutes, because in addition to physically change the scene, it is also necessary to re-position the lights and adjust their power.